The drive uses a 2MB buffer memory. If you’re going to make sweeping statements like that, you really should justify it The activity led indicator is placed left of the ventilation holes and further left is the emergency eject hole. This mechanism is used for both recording and playback. CD Error Correction Tests 4. Moreover, Pioneer has developed a series of technologies with the aim towards the improvement of final recording performance. Samsung’s Next Smartphone foray:

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Pioneer Dvr-107d DVD /-rw 24x8x4x2 IDE White/ Beige

Retail Package – Installation 2. The time now is Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.

If it’s that bad, why do so many manufacturers license it for use with their retail drives? Pineer our tests, we set the region code to 2 Europe. In the retail version picture above available in Australia and US, however, the included software is:.

Graveur DVD Pioneer Dvrd | eBay

All tests were done with firmware v1. As a result, the quality for repeatedly used DVD-RW discs is up to 10 times better than previous writers. Samsung’s Next Smartphone foray: All times are GMT In the picture below you can see the Ultra DRA effect on the total vibrations of the drive. What version of Nero 6 are you using? The drive appears to work so sending it back probably isn’t an option.


More information about text formats. I’m definitely not “impressed” with Pioneer. An Ultra Dynamic Resonance Absorber reduces vibrations that can affect performance during high-speed recording and playback of some discs.

Ultra DRA Dynamic Resonance Absorber Imbalanced discs can cause vibrations that affect performance during high speed recording and playback. Go to Pioneer Europe site. The drive uses a 2MB buffer memory.

Data CD Reading Tests 3. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. CD Error Correction Tests 4.

Pioneer Dvrd DVD /-rw 24x8x4x2 IDE White/ Beige | eBay

Here’s the error I am getting: Retail Package – Installation. Warranty will not include the use pioneed uncertified media and the like, so you might have trouble enforcing that one. Any Video Converter F This mechanism is used for both recording and playback. Ulead Photo Explorer 8. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

The result is compatible writing even on discs that have been rewritten many times, without causing a degradation of disc quality.


Pioneer DVR-107D

If the drive works as expected, the original poster will probably be charged. DVD Recording Tests Twitter’s Ad Sales Surge.

DVD Reading Tests 5. About Privacy Contact Us. This technology, first introduced in the DVR-A06, enables the DVRD to achieve optimal initial writing performance and helps to minimize the normal deterioration of re-recordable discs due to repeated writing. This will be on-sale in Europe as a retail product by approximately Mid-March.