There must be something up with both my PC’s if you and everyone else is able to mount in Unfortunately the backup was made a week before the files I lost. Usually I just get graphics or sound card updates via that protocol. I don’t see any problems at all. Acronis TIB Mounter running in proccesses. I don’t care if I have to buy something, I just need to do it once and copy them to a backup drive.

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I have not tried this but it should work.

If you still have problems with Mounting the. Difference between Backup and Disk Clone: I ran this update on two computers both refused to start after running it.

I have since learned tht was only released in the English version–for now. You may not be able to mount in Windows, but you can always use your offline recovery bootable media to do a restore as well. So if you had let Microsoft loose and considered an Acronis restore necessary, would you know that yours worked? There must be something up with both my PC’s if you and everyone else is able to mount in I had the box checked for mountter for updates at startup.

Turns out that was the movie camera, the card from my DSLR is missing: Agreed but I suspect this update isn’t going to work in W10 either. Windows Update changed the file Mountre Just a matter of testing and see what happens.



I even manually checked and it still came up current and we now know that wasn’t current. I have the same problem, but I haven’t had True Image for many years.

A Security Task Manager displays all running Windows tasks, including embedded hidden processes, such as keyboard and browser monitoring or Autostart entries.

Afronis is definitely NBG and produces the same results as depicted by arachnaut in his starting post. The version number from Windows Update was dated July 17, Les Seiler’s Backup Video.

49124: Acronis Backup 11.5: Installation of Acronis TIB Mounter Fails

Secondly, it does not appear in the control panel uninstallable updates page. Please open a New Topic in preference to sending private messages to me unless there is a compelling reason for doing so. I don’t see any problems at all. Unfortunately the backup was made a week before the files I lost. I see the same thing happening If you registered your TrueImage you should be able to download the recovery media.

Where this one came from is news to me. This image can be moved across different computers regardless of the make or model, and can even be uploaded to the cloud to be accessed from anywhere at anytime. Alan, please check what build version of ATI you have installed – this should be for the latest build. Now I back up nightly to an earthquake water and fire proof SSD. You are quite right of course, trouble is I had made a back up image of one of the computers but not the other one, doh.


aconis But I think this is the only time I’ve had trouble with the mechanism. I’ve noticed time and again that many who have backup programs seem reluctant to use them, that to restore an image is the last chance saloon only to be contemplated after all other options have been tried.

Can’t mount drive from TIB images | Acronis Forum

Microsoft’s Acronis Tib Mounter is best left hidden. If Acronis was in an unusable mouter from applying this update then run Acronis from the bootable media and restore the image you made just prior to installing the update I haven’t installed it. Microsoft Partner Silver Application Development.